What to know about the new business consulting platform from Microsoft

Business consulting is an evolving industry, with a new generation of businesses and services offering new solutions to the same business challenges and challenges faced by its predecessors.

While there are new products and services to contend with, the most significant challenge facing business consultants is how to get the right consultants in the right place.

For this reason, Microsoft and VMware have announced a partnership to bring together a suite of business consulting solutions.

The new Microsoft Partner Network will help businesses quickly connect with the right people to provide business consulting and other support to their businesses, including Microsoft partner and consultant network experts.

It will be available for free in the Microsoft Partner Hub, the cloud-based platform for the Microsoft Business Suite, and the Partner Platform for enterprise customers.

The Partner Network and Microsoft Partner Center, two of the new Microsoft products, will offer a range of tools to help organizations better manage their business and its consultants.

The Partner Network offers a suite, including a suite for corporate and customer-facing work, a business intelligence solution, and an interactive dashboard for managing and sharing data.

Partner Center offers a set of tools for businesses, such as a business analytics dashboard and a business continuity management solution.

Both Partner Network products will be included in the new Windows Azure Marketplace, which is a platform where businesses can easily create and manage their own Azure-hosted applications.

This is a great opportunity for business consultants and other IT professionals to learn more about how to best manage and use the Microsoft Azure platform.

For more information about the Partner Network, visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/18091.

Microsoft Partner Network is available to partners in the Partner Hub and the Microsoft Marketplace, and will be made available to Microsoft customers in the second half of 2018.

Microsoft has been working with VMware and Microsoft to help business and IT professionals understand the impact of the Microsoft cloud and the new capabilities that come with it.

The Microsoft Partner and Partner Center products are part of the VMware cloud suite and the Windows Azure Platform, which will be expanded to include more tools for business and customer teams.

Microsoft is also adding new products to the Microsoft Suite that will be supported by Partner Center and Partner Network.

For more information, see the Microsoft partners list and partner portal.