How to get your business up and running in Manchester

By Laila M. Siegel,Staff ReporterWith so much focus on new growth, it can be easy to overlook the real potential of existing businesses in Manchester.

With the City Council considering a new £300m plan to bring businesses back to the city, business consultants and consultants say the plan will have an enormous impact on the local economy and businesses in the area.

The report, “Manchester’s City Plan: A Strategic Vision for a New Urban City”, was commissioned by the Mayor of Manchester to consider how to revitalise Manchester and improve its place in the global economy.

It has received support from the Mayor’s Office of Strategy and Development and a range of organisations.

The authors, all of whom have worked in Manchester’s business community, say the city’s success and vitality have come about largely through a focus on local, regional and global development.

Business consultants also said Manchester’s growth has been aided by the City of Manchester’s efforts to attract investment and create a more diverse, welcoming and connected city.

The Manchester Business Plan will be reviewed by the council in the coming weeks.

The Business Plan was originally commissioned by Manchester City Council in December 2012.

It sets out the strategy for Manchester, its business environment, the city and the surrounding area.

It outlines the aims of the council, which includes providing business and economic opportunities, as well as encouraging people to be active in the city.

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