How to stop being a bad actor in your company’s hiring process

You’ve seen it all before: the first hire.

The one who shows up to your company looking like a badass and says he can help solve problems and be an awesome employee.

Or maybe he just likes to show up and offer a smile and say, “Thanks!”

But what if you’ve got a new hire coming on board?

It might just be a new way to start the day.

So here are five tips to help you and your team build the right impression.


Think outside the box When you’re hiring for an open position, you need to think outside the boxes.

Here are some of the things you might consider.

You might consider asking: Are there any specific skills or abilities that you want to gain from this person?

Are they someone who can learn quickly from someone else?

Is there someone who is better than the rest?

If not, what are the skills that might be helpful in their new role?

Is this person someone who will be a great employee?

If the answer is yes, that person will be perfect for the job.


Find out what they’ve done in their previous job or industry.

Are they a veteran, a junior developer, or someone who’s had some kind of experience in their past?

If so, can you work with that experience to get the most out of this person’s abilities?


If you don’t already know their prior experience, find out if they’re a past leader in your industry.

If they are, then maybe they’re the right fit for the role.

This could be because they’re an expert in your field, or it could be a case of, “We really want someone who has a great track record in our field.”


Make sure they have the right mindset.

Is this a position that’s going to be stressful, where you might have to deal with people who are a little more confrontational than others?

Is it going to require a lot of travel, but you’re looking for someone who wants to do a lot more?

Are you looking for somebody who can relax and be with their family?


Take a few minutes to listen to them and see how they think about work.

Is there a time where they might feel overwhelmed, where they don’t always know how to make decisions or what to expect from the people they work with?

Does this person have the confidence to get things done?

Are there times when they might not have the answers they need?

And then, of course, there’s the next time they have to talk to you.

We’ve talked before about hiring professionals who understand your industry, but the important thing to remember is that, if you hire someone for a specific role, you’re going to need to know what they know about that role.

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