What to know about the new corporate structure

An article on the company’s website, which lists the new name, logo and brand, describes the company as “an Indian-owned, global business consulting firm”.

The article also suggests that the company will be able to “take advantage of new markets and market opportunities”.

“We are very proud of our Indian heritage and feel that it is the right time for us to come out of the shadows,” the company says in the company blog.

The new name and logo for the company is an Indian-themed look that blends the logo of the Indian flag with the symbol of the state of Maharashtra, the capital of the Maharashtra state.

This is a logo that is a common symbol of India.

According to a report by The Times of India, the logo has already been adopted by some multinationals and has even been used by some private companies.

The logo, however, is not the only symbol of Maharashtra.

The state’s flag has also been adopted, including the coat of arms.

The logo of a private company in Maharashtra, Maharashtra State of Telangana, on February 24, 2018.

(Reuters Photo)”Our logo is a symbol of our state and its people, which is why we feel that the name is appropriate for us,” the blog post says.

“The name Maharashtra has a very strong connection with our state.

It’s also a name of the city of Mumbai and also of the country.”

The company’s logo is not new, and it has already appeared in some Indian businesses.

The company says that it has “been using the same logo for a long time” and has been using it since 2002.

“We have been using the logo for over 10 years,” it says.

The company says it will also be using “brand new, new, very modern, very stylish” and “sexy” designs for its branding and advertising.

The new logo is also seen as an indication that the firm is trying to be more modern.

The blog post also hints that the new brand will be called “Mumbai” in order to be “more attractive” to potential clients.

“With Mumbai, we want to provide a unique brand identity that will not only serve the customers, but will also serve the brand itself,” the post says, which also mentions that the brand will not use “any old names”.

The new brand has already made headlines in India.

The government of the western state of Gujarat recently announced plans to rename all schools in the state.

The Mumbai-based company has been selling a number of other services to the public in the past.

The business, which has offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru, has reportedly generated over $1 billion in revenue in the last three years.