The Australian Financial Review is reporting on a major new business law firm, and the company that has the business law expertise that is needed to help the government’s business legal and regulatory advisers make decisions about new, emerging and emerging industries.

Key points:The firm has been appointed to the advisory council of the Australian Business Law AssociationThe new firm, which has been renamed to AUSTRIA’T BUSINESS LEGAL ANALYSIS, will provide the expertise needed to advise on the legal needs of a wide range of industries from public and private sector organisations, to small and medium-sized businesses and consumers, to the private sector.

Key point: The new firm is a business law consultancy, but the firm has already had experience advising on a range of other business areas, including consumer finance and retail, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and telecommunications.

It has previously been providing legal advice to government agencies on how to deal with the legal requirements of public sector organisations and public sector retailers.

“The ABLA is the only industry body to have a full-time lawyer in a legal adviser role,” the ABLa’s general manager of legal affairs and government relations, Andrew Houghton, said in a statement.

“We are delighted to have an established business law professional to join our advisory council, which includes a former director of the Federal Court of Australia and the head of the ACCC.”

The ABA, the organisation that represents business law firms, has already received a request from the Government of the day to appoint a law professor to advise the Government on its legal issues.”ABLA members will be asked to provide a submission to the Government that sets out the relevant legal issues and their implications for the legal advice provided by a lawyer,” the organisation said in an emailed statement.

The law firm will be appointed on the recommendation of the Government’s Legal Advisory Council, which is chaired by Professor Peter Clements, a professor at the University of New South Wales and a leading legal scholar on the issues.

Professor Clements said in the statement that he was very pleased to be appointed to this important role.

“This appointment will provide ABLAs legal experts with the experience and expertise to provide advice to Government agencies on the relevant issues and the implications for their legal advice,” he said.

“In doing so, I look forward to working with the Government to make its advice better for the Australian public and businesses.”

Mr Houghson said that the firm was the first of many in the industry to be given this important position.

“It’s a great opportunity for a group of experienced lawyers to work together on issues that will be important to the Australian consumer, including a range that include issues relating to consumer finance, the law of online shopping and consumer protection, consumer guarantees, consumer and consumer products and services, the regulation of online gambling, and consumer debt,” he added.

The Government’s legal advisory council has been working with ABLAS to develop its business law agenda for the next three years.

The new law firm’s appointment follows recent announcements about the Government making a number of announcements on the future of business law and a range, including changes to the laws relating to the legal obligations of companies in the public sector.

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