How a ‘Brett Kavanaugh’ story has changed the way we view women

Brett Kavanaugh is a great story, and now the people who know him best have their own take on how he might have changed their lives.

The new book, “The Accuser: Inside the FBI’s Secret Inquiry Into Brett Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Allegations,” by Amy B Wang and Lisa Bloom is the story of how an unlikely but determined man took on a powerful and powerful man.

We spoke to the authors about how they came to write it and what their goal was with it.

“The Accuse” is about Brett Kavanaugh, who’s the first person to go public with allegations of sexual assault, according to the book’s authors.

They call it the first truly open and thorough investigation into sexual assault in American history, and they say it’s a story of redemption, not vindication.

But this is an account of the events that took place in 2016, and it’s not a book about what happened in that moment.

This is about how a remarkable man changed the world.

The Accusation is a story about the first time a man’s reputation was hurt.

It’s a true-life account of how a powerful, powerful man made an incredibly important and personal decision about a woman and what he did with it, and then went to work to prevent future sexual assault.

It is about the power that a powerful man holds over women.

And it’s about how he did it, because he made a choice that is still with us today.

I hope that people who have heard this book will see the strength of the story, because we have all been affected by it, whether it’s at the school where he was attending, the college where he had been attending, or in the courtroom where he sat.

It happened.

It affected me personally.

It impacted the entire country.

So I hope people see it as a story that they can relate to.

“TheAccuser” is the first book to tell that story, but I don’t think there are many other books that tell the story about how that story changed the country, and I hope it will be the last.

We started talking about writing the book in 2016.

In the fall of 2016, we sat down and talked about writing a book.

And I remember the first sentence I wrote was: I wanted to tell this story.

And then I realized I had written this book, and the idea was that it was time to tell it.

The idea that the world had been changed forever, and that I was finally ready to tell my story.

I had a very deep and personal connection with the people I was writing about.

I really felt that if I just told my story in a very honest way, people would see it for what it was, because they would be able to connect to it.

And so, I started to work with the book to figure out how to tell the best story that we could.

We wanted to write about a man who was so powerful, who was the most powerful man in the world, and he had this incredible reputation, and his reputation, I wanted the book not to be a book where the story is about him, but it’s really about a story, in a way, about a lot of things that have happened to him.

But he was a man that was very private about who he was, what he was doing, and so he kept his life private and he kept things behind closed doors.

He kept his secrets.

And we wanted to have that honesty and intimacy with him, so that the book was a true portrait of a very public man.

I think the story that’s told in the book is about an incredible man, a great man, and an incredible woman.

We all know that Brett Kavanaugh was the first man to go on the witness stand and say that he did what he had to do to protect himself, and this was the story.

He went to the very end, to the end of the country and he made an extremely powerful decision.

And this book tells the story in this way.

I think that it’s the story we want to tell about a great American, and a man like Brett Kavanaugh.

And the story will always be about the person who made that decision, and how he was able to do it.

And what we also want to do is really make sure that the story doesn’t feel like a typical American story.

We don’t want it to feel like, Oh, this is what happens to women.

It shouldn’t feel that way.

It should feel like the world has changed forever.

The book is really about the women who were affected by Brett Kavanaugh and the world that changed for them.

It was a story they have to share.

It really should be a story for everyone.

“Brett is a powerful character, and what we want from a story is that the reader gets to see how he became the person that he is today.

And that is the reason why we are writing the story now,