When companies hire, they do it to ‘get the job done’

WASHINGTON (AP) A major financial consulting firm is asking clients to tell it what they’d like to see changed in the job-search process.

The company, GSA Consulting, says it’s trying to boost engagement on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Groups by putting a spotlight on the people who can get them the most jobs.

The firm has launched a new job board, called Hire Like a Champion, where people can share their work and learn more about their company.

It also has a blog with advice for employers.

But it’s not a replacement for a professional network.

It’s more of a service to help employees think about how they might be doing on their own.

The goal is to improve engagement on both LinkedIn and groups, according to GSA’s CEO, Steve Shulman.

“There’s a huge demand for people to engage with their peers and the people in their life, and that’s where you find out what they’re passionate about,” Shulmen said.

“We want to get people to be engaged in their own work and get them to see their peers as people, not just as a job.

That’s a great way to get them more engaged.”

GSA is the first of many job-focused companies trying to fill the job market by asking people to use their social media to find jobs.

And while the firm’s job board isn’t meant to replace a professional networking site, Shulmans hopes it will be a useful tool to help employers connect with their employees.

“We want people to do the right thing and get out there and make the most of their opportunities,” he said.

The company is trying to make the job board a more personal experience for the employees, who will get a real-time update on their colleagues and employers.

“The goal is not just to have the board for the sake of the job, but to have it be an experience where you can share with your employer the things that have worked for you, and things that don’t,” Shushmans said.

The job board can also be used to track the progress of people applying to positions or looking for new ones.

And if someone is interested in a particular job but isn’t sure where to start, it’ll let them know what it’s like to find the perfect fit.GSA’s job-finding platform uses a combination of data and chatbots to make it easier for people like Shulams to find and apply for jobs.

People can also see their friends and family members and be alerted when a job opens.

Shulson says GSA has had more than 1 million applicants sign up for the platform and has found that people like the job boards are more engaged than people who aren’t interested.

“If they’re interested in what’s going on in the world, they’ll get more interested in the company and the product,” he explained.