How to find the best business consultants in Silicon Valley

Business consultants are in high demand, but a new study suggests they may be more valuable than ever.

According to a new survey from Recode, about half of tech professionals say they use a business consultant when they need help deciding how to make money, and about 40 percent use one in their job description.

Here’s how to find out.


The question: How important is your job?

What are the skills you’re looking for?

Recode’s survey asks employees to list their top five skills, then how many people in their team use those skills, and then how much each person uses.

The survey also asked employees how they rate their personal relationships and whether they have a good relationship with their boss.

Recode found that in addition to being important, the survey was also useful in predicting the likelihood of hiring a business expert.


The answer: Not much.

About a third of the employees surveyed said they relied on business consultants less than once a year, and fewer than one-quarter of those said they used them on a daily basis.


The job: Your job title is important.

A large majority of people in Recode the survey said they’d prefer to work in a position where they’d have more flexibility and less responsibility, and another 23 percent said they were more comfortable with that position.

Recoding asked the respondents if they liked the job they were offered, and more than a third said they did, with just 10 percent saying they were not satisfied.


The advice: Take a close look at what your competitors are doing.

In particular, Recode recommends that businesses look at their competitors’ hiring practices and look to learn what it takes to be successful.

Recodes research found that the most common reasons companies hire consultants are to cut costs, improve their employee productivity, improve customer service, and help customers.

Recoded also found that if you’re hiring someone to help you decide what to do with your time, then it’s worth it.

Recoder surveyed more than 5,000 employees in its annual survey, which surveyed more to understand how the tech industry works.

The findings were shared at Recode Tech Summit, which is taking place this week in Mountain View, Calif.

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