Which Medical Business Consultants are the Best for Your Medical Care?

The Medical Business Consulting Association (MBCA) lists several medical business consultant companies in New York City and a handful in Florida, with one firm offering services in Brooklyn and another in the Bronx.

In some cases, they offer a range of services ranging from basic consultations to the ability to manage complex healthcare projects.

The group’s web site is a treasure trove of information, including salary information, a list of the most popular locations and services, and a directory of top consulting firms.

There’s a lot to choose from, especially for a consultant with no background in the field.

Below, we highlight 10 companies with the best deals on basic consultations, billing and health insurance plans.

(Note: These companies are not affiliated with the MBCA.

You can find a list here.)



Basic consultations (2-5 minutes): $3,500